UNAMI: killing 759 people and injuring 1207 in Iraq in July

2016/8/1 21:41

[Oan- Baghdad]

The UN mission in Iraq [UNAMI] the increase of victims of violence and terrorism in Iraq during the month of July the killing of 759 Iraqis and wounded 1207 others with the exception of al-Anbar province.
The death toll from the month of May, according to UNAMI, killing 662 people and injuring 1457 others.

According to UNAMI statement on June proceeds received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the number of civilians killed in July, 629 people [including 10 from the federal police and civil defense [Awakening], and employees of the protections of personal and police to protect facilities and employees of the fire, and the number injured civilians injured 1,061 people [including 13 employees of the federal police and members of the Awakening and employees of protections and personal police protect facilities and employees of the fire]. "

It also "killed a total of 130 employees of an element of the Iraqi security forces [including members of the Peshmerga and the popular crowd troops fighting alongside the Iraqi army, with the exception of Anbar operations and wounding 146."

According to the number of victims recorded by the UN Mission for the month of July, "Baghdad was the worst affected province, with a total of civilian casualties reached 1400 people [513 dead and 887 wounded, and followed by Salahuddin province, where he fell 45 dead and 80 wounded, and the number of victims in the Diyala province, 24 dead and 52 wounded, while the fall in Nineveh province, 23 people were killed and 27 wounded, and in Kirkuk fell 23 dead and 13 wounded. "

It was not possible for the mission to get the outcome of the numbers of casualties among civilians this month from the Directorate of Health Anbar.

He said the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis: "Still the number of casualties as a result of terrorism, violence and conflict in Iraq is high, we continue to deplore this unacceptable situation and we look forward to the day, which we hope will be soon, when peace and quiet are restored to Iraq." .

The UN envoy reiterated his call for all parties to make every effort to protect civilian lives.