Investment Baghdad Launches 32 investment opportunity with more than one billion dollars.


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From Baghdad Monday Investment Commission fired 32 investment opportunity valued at more than $ 1 billion, saying it will provide all the important facilities to investors.

Shaker body Chief said Iraq vitsarih Sumerian news agency followed news that economy eida announced 32 investment opportunity in Baghdad in the first initiative which are released away from bureaucracy and red tape, "he said, adding that" investment value of these investment opportunities will exceed a billion dollars. "

"Iraq," investment opportunities would involve various sectors including housing, health, education, tourism and other sectors ", stating that" the Commission will provide all facilities to the investor in order to speed up the establishment of such important projects. "

The Iraqi Parliament adopted in October 2006 Iraqi investment law, many foreign companies are still hesitant because of fears of unstable security in Iraq actually, add some paragraphs not attracting investment despite the amendment to the law in 2010.