Representatives of the Shabak to Barzani: Our future is linked Bkordstan

Twilight News / Delegation of the Shabak Kurds during their meeting with the President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani, said the issue of their areas Kordstanih does not accept the argument, pointing out that the fate and future of the Shabak Kurds and the rest of the components of the Kurdish areas linked to the fate of the Kurdistan Region.
A statement from the presidency of the province responded to the Twilight News, that Barzani met in Salahuddin in Arbil resort a number of personalities and dignitaries and representatives of the villages of the Shabak Kurds liberated from the grip of the "Daash" terrorist in Khazar axis in Nineveh province.
The statement noted that the visiting delegation thanked Barzani forces Alپeshmrگh and families of the victims, who contributed to the liberation of their villages from the control of the organization "Daash" terrorist and appreciation for the bravery and heroism and sacrifices Alپeshmrگh, stressing Kordstanih their areas as a matter of does not accept the argument that the fate and future of the Kurdish Shabak and the rest of the components of the Kurdish areas linked to the fate Kurdistan Region.
The statement also pointed out that Barzani for his part After welcoming the guest delegation pointed out that the brothers and sisters Shabak part Aziz is not an integral part of the Kurdish people, reassuring guests present that all regions, dominated by the "Daash" will return to the bosom of her family who will return Merfoaa warheads to their areas will be provide security, stability and services to the liberated areas.
Barzani also stressed the full support and backing to the demands of the Shabak Kurds to be able to freely return to their areas heads held high and their villages, stressing to solve all their problems, according to the statement.