Central and southern contractors are planning to organize picket to claim cash benefits

Sunday, July 31, 2016-12:35 pm

Contractors in Basra Chief Mohsen globe Hasani meeting unified central and South provinces contractors next Tuesday at Union headquarters to make a statement on the Central Government's financial entitlements.

Hassani llmrbed that "the meeting will come out in several resolutions declaring picketing and demonstration, and cut roads leading to oil companies to meet Central Government and fulfil its promise to corporate financial receivables Exchange about projects completed and ongoing in the mentioned provinces.

Hassani pointed out that "this is not the first meeting where previous contractors meeting in Basra with nine provinces and southern central unions to ask the Central Government to pay arrears or ads open sit without any Government response to that direction."

Hassani added that ignore Government demands for defense contractors and business owners in the Central and southern governorates gets them to organize picket open until their financial Exchange ".

It is said that a number of contractors with local government demonstrated in the beginning of March this year in front of the Office of the Basra protest delayed disbursement of financial benefits threatened to turn it into an open picket near oil fields if the Government did not meet their demands.