Sulaymaniyah: Baghdad will send 30 million litres of white oil

2016/07/31 10:38


The Governor's Press Office said Sulaymaniyah Hohner Tawfiq, Sunday, that the Federal Government would send to keep about 30 million litres of oil.

The Bureau said in a press release received/Babylon 24/copy that Baghdad will send about 30 million litres of kerosene to Sulaymaniyah during this week. "

"The visiting Governor of Sulaymaniyah to Baghdad and met with a number of officials, including oil Minister, resulted in the approval of Prime Minister Haider Abadi send white oil to Sulaymaniyah as a first meal.

He noted that "a white oil citizens processing will begin immediately, with distribution in mountainous areas first and then the district centers and respects of Sulaymaniyah.

Sulaymaniyah Governor ASO Feridun, had visited the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on 19 June last, where he met a number of government officials including the Ministers of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, finance and trade in the Federal Government with a view to obtaining financial receivables.