Thi send a team to transport to complete the final stages of opening the Nasiriyah airport

July 31, 2016

DHI Council Chief Hamid Naim cohorts, the arrival of a team from the Ministry of transportation and Iraqi Airways, to complete the final stages of opening a civil airport in Nasiriyah.

Al-Ghozi said in a statement that "after the visit of the Minister of transport agency to Imam Ali base [p] and complete all procedures for the opening of the airport on Saturday arrived in Nasiriyah team of Ministry and Iraqi Airways to the airport to finalize the opening of the airport.

And, that "he's staying in the Imam Ali base group [p], pending the completion of procedures for completing the passenger terminal and service delivery, and the road to the airport, in coordination with the administration of the base and air defense."

Gazan, stressed that "the next few months will see the opening of the airport after the efforts made by the Ministry of transport and local government legislative and executive branches and civil defense team and Qar and Environment Directorate service departments in the province."

DHI Chairman pointed to, "Transport Ministry appropriated sums to create parlors and leave, as she addressed the Ministry of the Interior and the ports and passports to complete the training of personnel at the airport.