Baghdad prepare to execute 40 condemned crime Spyker

12:08 2016 Sunday July 31

The Iraqi Supreme Court ratified the death accused resolutions in offence martyrs Spyker of Tikrit. Perth now from Baghdad: Baghdad announced today the Iraqi Court of Cassation authentication provisions execution 40 condemned by participating in a crime by elements of ISIS and local collaborators killed 1700 air college student at Camp Speicher in Tikrit in January 2014 amid expectations by implementing these provisions.

Federal Appeals Court ratified Sunday "on death accused resolutions in offence martyrs Spyker," declared the spokesperson for the judiciary judge Abdul Sattar Bayraqdar.. He said reporters had examined the reading "" illaftrain Federal Court considered the claims of the defendants in a crime the martyrs of Spyker.

The lawsuit considered by the body in the Court where death decisions was approved by the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad. Conviction of the participants In Feb 18th, Central Criminal Court sentenced to death by the Iraqi high 40 suspects after being convicted of participating in the crime of Spyker and whitewash 7 others where elements of ISIS and helpful locals around 1700 a cadet at the air force College of Tikrit after a quick trial, which was attended by a number of almghadorin have been listening to confessions of a number of accused of participating in the massacre. During its 47 stood trial accused of an offence Spyker made a number of them confessed to participating in a crime where a court 40 of them sentenced to death with seven others acquitted.

These provisions have been issued in accordance with article 4 of the law on combating terrorism. And one of the accused confessed to driving a truck from within 8 with and transporting kidnapped soldiers in Tikrit, Baghdad mankrag downtown. Referring to his participation in the crime which has killed more than 1700 where Cadet after the fall of the northern city of Mosul, capital of Nineveh in June 2014.


It was the Organization of "ISIS" had carried out executions shot b 1700 students in air force base "Spyker" near Tikrit in Salahuddin governorate (172 km northwest of Baghdad) when they took over the city. In mid-September the Iraqi Central investigating Court called specialized issues of terrorism and organized crime with information about the crime to provide it by asserting that warrants issued against some crime suspects banner would benefit from all the videos of the incident in support of the case file. ISIS had seized Tikrit a day after he seized the city of Mosul with the help from relatives of some of the symbols of the former regime had captured 1700 troops after they left the base Speicher plainclothes ordered by their leaders and view a film documenting the regulatory process of mass executions of these young people and throw them in the river and other mass executions in the desert area. The crime caused widespread anger among Iraqis and raised questions about the reasons for the failure to prevent this crime occurs where military leaders interrogated Parliament Minister of Defense and security leaders with a Committee was formed to investigate the incident.

Sleeper cells

Survivors of the massacre, confirms that the perpetrators were militants of the Islamic State and the sons of the tribes in the region because aldwaash weren't arrived after conservation. And show the videos that have been viewed hundreds of military students and had left their base and were in civilian clothes and carrying weapons after they left their costumes and identities in military base after being granted her a leave for 15 days and told them he would be notified later to any military sites will join later. When students are looking for Hitchhikers to their towns they came out Iraqi militants who belong to the tribes in the region and informed them that they will provide them cars carrying them to Baghdad, when exiting students were taken in a mass kidnapping to the presidential palaces built by Saddam Hussein in Tikrit and detained meeting within reach all the killers were in the form of totals per group comprises between 200 and 300 interrogated collectively shot. In other footage shows a hooded man carrying a gun and another with bringing altabaa one after the other to prepare a shot on their heads and throw them in a river where some were subsequently recovered 280 corpses.