Urgent completion of the second phase of the liberalization process Khalidiya Island

2016/7/31 15:02

[Where - Baghdad]

It ended the security forces, on Sunday, the second phase of the liberalization process of the island of Khalidiya in Anbar province, which was launched on Saturday.

A statement by the cell media war, received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "second phase of liberalization Khalidiya Island operation ended with the arrival of military units to the northern edge of the Euphrates River and clearing 20 kilometers from the Albu per record to Albu Obaid area."

"The pieces are currently searching the area and raise the IEDs and the process is going to purge the remaining of the Khalidiya island shared the pieces in this process is the X band and the crowd and folk brigades Federal Police and the band 14".

The edit Khalidiya Island operation was launched on Saturday and has made progress in joint forces and the killing of many terrorists.