Electricity power distribution will privatize Kurdistan in Kurdistan

July 31, 2016

Kurdistan, electricity Ministry announced Sunday, its electricity distribution in the territory assignment to the private sector at the end of this year, noting that the territory spends billions on the electricity sector and gets to collect 10% only.

Ministry spokesman Mohammed Amin "horami Ministry seeks to transmit electrical power distribution sector in the Ministry to the private sector at the end of this year", stating that "process designed to organize and maintain the electricity distribution sector better and to collect electricity fees from subscribers via small companies empowered."

He said horami, that "the project will contribute to providing electricity for 24 hours as well as providing financial resources to develop the electricity sector, in addition to reducing consumption", noting that "the territory spends billions on electricity sector gets just 10 percent levy.

Hawrami noted that "transmit power distribution sector to the private sector come under reforms announced by the Government of Kurdistan," adding that "the current regime applicable to manage electricity establishments was incompatible with the times".