Infallible invites Germany to contribute to Iraq's reconstruction plans.

Sunday 31 July 2016 14:16

Sumerian news/Baghdad

The President called it WAD infallible, Sunday, Germany to contribute to Iraq's reconstruction plans and emphasized cultural conventions activation and academic exchanges between the two countries.

Masoom said in a statement issued after receiving credentials from the new German Ambassador to Iraq Franz Josef krempe today in the Peace Palace in Baghdad, alsumaria news received a copy of it, that "Iraqi ties are important German for both countries," stressing the "need to strengthen and upgrade them at different levels in the interests of the peoples of the two friendly countries."

"Infallible" Germany has a privileged position to support Iraq in its battle against terrorism and humanitarian assistance for Iraq, particularly in the area of refugee relief and military assistance to the Iraqi armed forces, "stressing the importance of" cultural and academic exchange agreements signed between the two countries. "

Called "privileged role Germany infallible to contribute to Iraq's reconstruction plans, particularly in areas affected by the hostilities and pushing the European Union to contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy," reiterated "Iraq's readiness for cooperation in the field of intelligence and information filled GE revealed transnational terrorist cells."

Infallible leader stressed "the importance of activating the cultural conventions and academic exchanges between the two countries, stressing Iraq's interest in scientific and cultural evolution in Germany."

The Ambassador said the defendant "Germany look to Iraq and help it overcome the economic security through continued military and humanitarian support and expand constructive bilateral cooperation in various fields."

The Iraqi Finance Ministry announced Monday (25 January 2016), that Germany will provide a loan of 500 million euros to carry out service projects in the liberated areas in Iraq.