Work: 447 000 recipients of social security allowance for the second batch.

2016-07-31 at 13:17

Baghdad scales news

Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, Sunday, the total women beneficiaries of social protection benefit for the second installment of 2016, installed on database protection of women reached 447, 000 beneficiaries.

The Ministry said in a statement/balance of news copy, "Minister Mohamed sheyaa peanuts chaired a meeting of the Department of social protection for women in Ministry program which was recently adopted at meetings and rallies for their periodic plans and quarterly revision according to variables and create real public service processors and day of each Chamber to follow."

The Minister said that the number of women beneficiaries of social benefit for second batch reached 447 thousand beneficiaries rose 214 thousand beneficiaries of widows and 101 000 beneficiaries of absolutes, as well as five thousand doomed wife covered by social benefit and other disabled are breadwinners. "

He added, that "women's protection service great responsibility in taking care of these categories," pointing out that "there are other important for battered women care service through the appropriate section and make contact with women who are exposed to domestic violence".

He noted that "the circle works with official authorities as a family at the Interior Ministry directorates for social research for women subjected to violence and reintegrate into society."

And in between, there is a percentage of the loans granted to rural women through participation with the relevant committees to grant loans for rural women, as well as conducting training sessions for women beneficiaries on various professions will allow them to form a project improves the social status and living standards for this category.