Allocate 6 million dinars to scan my site to Nasiriyah, airport opening date September

2016-07-31 12:55

Special balance news

The local Government announced in Dhi Qar, Sunday, Mali is not allocated up to about 6 million dinars to scan my site I didn't see Nasiriyah civil, noting that 26 September opening date for stillness next.

Board Member, said Rahim alkhaqani, the balance/news/airport project, Nasiriyah vital strategic projects is civil and within the three projects which were adopted by the local government and oil company Qar file include marshes and implications ", stating that" the project is being worked jointly with the Department of transportation and Iraqi Airways.

He added that "the airport began on Saturday with the arrival of the technical team, and implementation stages.

He alkhakani to 26, from next September will be the date for the opening of the airport's first flight landing month will witness ", adding that" Iraq pilgrims for this year will be their reduction in Nasiriyah airport, it would be for Iraq port forty days since.

He continued, "the process of creating the airport and conduct site survey and strategic projects require considerable lack of investor money for the project, so the project adopted the simple possibilities to sustain, to allocate up to 6 million dinars."

The public service Commission and the Chairman of the provincial Council, he "was a direct field survey of airport site four months ago."

He noted that "the work began to create simple stages parlors and farewell and secure the airport, as well as runways, after those steps will execute more vital steps".