Oil hits, up and up to $ 43.53 a barrel

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Recovered crude oil prices, Sunday, after the decline in over a week, but crude ended the month at a loss of about 15 percent and US crude was the biggest losses this month in the year due to continued oversupply.
US crude and Brent crude fell by about 20 percent of Dhurthma in 2016 under pressure from slowing economic growth and the growth in crude inventories and stocks of refined products.
Fell Van today to their lowest levels since last April before ending decades the most active traded high trading support what traders said operations cover the sale centers of investors seeking to reap profits, and got oil also supported by the dollar's decline to its lowest level in three weeks as it makes the falling dollar commodities denominated in US currency, such as oil cheaper for holders of other currencies. Was trading global benchmark Brent crude futures nearest September entitlement for the month that ended in order to traded at $ 42.46 at a low settlement 0.6 percent today and 14.5 percent during the month, and rose in October decades the most active traded rose 30 cents to $ 43.53 at the settlement after it landed at earlier to $ 42.52 the lowest level since April 19. " The price of WTI US mediator for September delivery 46 cents, or one percent, to $ 41.60 a barrel at the settlement after he came down earlier below $ 41 for the first time since April. And terminating the contract month, down 14 percent, the biggest loss since July 2015 M.anthy 29 / p 18