Urgent .. executions and arrests in Mosul after the escape, "Wali house money" and the disappearance of treasury Daash

A source from within the city of Mosul reported on the escape of the so - called money Buale house with 3 Bhzathm money from the treasury Daash.
He said, that the money the house with three of his aides are lying low with the disappearance of everything that exists among the elements of the terrorist Daash of money and the spoils and the effects and valuables, where the so - called affiliate organization security committees to arrest its members assigned to protect the "house money" and interrogated and executed six of them after what show participation process theft and smuggling of thieves.
The Daash terrorist gangs refrained from delivering the monthly salaries of its members for more than six months and they are living in a state of constant confusion and disagreements among themselves after the progress of the Iraqi security forces and the Peshmerga and the crowd of tribal axes city of Mosul