Government adopts an initiative to postpone the repayment of Iraq's debts up to 2019

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi announced a government initiative to postpone the repayment of Iraq 's debt of some member states of the Paris Club to offset the leverage of the country with the face of the crisis of liquidity caused by weak oil prices coupled with the cost of the war against "Daash" terrorist, as he emphasized that Iraq 's debt , current account 60 percent of GDP is within normal ratios.
Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister, said the appearance of Saleh in an interview with the newspaper (morning): that " the aim of maximizing the leverage of Iraq 's government is seeking to postpone the repayment of debt owed ​​to some member countries of the Paris Club to the year 2019", stressing that "the existence of a response from those countries, including Canada , which announced its readiness to postpone the installments and interest on its debt beyond 2019 ".
Saleh said the "Paris Club debt of sovereign and non - sovereign , both have been reduced to more than 80 percent , " adding that "Iraq is currently receiving financial support from the International Monetary Fund over the next three years because of the liquidity crisis resulting from the weakness of global oil prices and the cost of war It led on behalf of the world against Daash terrorist, "adding that" Iraq 's debt currently accounts for 60 percent of GDP , which is considered within normal descent ".
Salih stressed "the existence of some of those debts or claims that have not been settled so far as returning to the pre - 2003 funding for military operations called -diona Bgadh- unresolved is still pending , or so - called« suspicious debts and negotiations are continuing on them. "
And on the budget deficit for the current year as financial advisor to the prime minister , "The increase occurred in the deficit in the 2016 budget year , said it amounted to 34 trillion dinars instead of 23 trillion dinars , which approved the federal budget for this year , based on the sale of $ 45 a barrel oil price , " he said , adding that "fluctuation sell oil prices earlier this year was born amounted to a deficit of 11 trillion dinars extra. what prompted the government to reduce domestic spending and reduce"
He acknowledged the benefit of " the initiative of the Iraqi consultative government with the secretariat of the Paris Club to postpone the payment of debt installments of the member states beyond the end of the agreement and the program with the International Monetary Fund in 2019 , " noting that "Iraq 's debt owed ​​to foreign governments $ 17 billion and $ 500 million , including nine billion to Paris Club members, "following up" that Iraq 's annual payments to the Paris Club of around $ 800 million , "stressing" the issuance of commercial Iraq sovereign bonds worth $ 2.7 billion maturing in 2028 ".
The International Monetary Fund has given last May preliminary approval to provide $ 5.4 billion over three years to help Iraq -aledo Organization Aopk- to bridge the budget deficit.