British security investigating terrorist plots by 4 "supposed"

Khandan - newspaper "Sunday Times" reported that British security was investigating the four presumed terrorist plots, suspected to be from what she called "Islamic extremists" planned to be implemented in the country.
According to a source from the British intelligence service, it was not to be named, the country 's security revealed four or five suspected cases it may represent a planned terrorist threats, without disclosing specific details about them , or their severity.
The British Minister of Security of the new, between Wallace, is the implementation of several measures, last week, in order to increase the security alert around the sports stadiums and shopping centers in London, following the terrorist attacks on France and Germany, as I mentioned , "Sky News"
And it prevented the British authorities, during the past three years, nearly 900 people, from leaving the country to Syria, in an effort to stop exporting militants abroad, after Pat 130 extremists fighting in the ranks of both Syria and Iraq terrorist groups.