Peshmerga frustrate an offensive to Daash on an oil field in Kirkuk

Kurdish Peshmerga forces managed on Sunday to repel an attempt Daash attack on an oil field in the northern city of Kirkuk after a similar attack on the facility of gas in the conservative oil - rich.
Kurdish officer, said a group of armed Daash attacked the village of Bai Hassan spend molasses and tried to control the oil field, but that Kurdish forces confronted them, and left dead among the attackers.
Previously this attack, gunmen on the feet of the bombing of double - tube oil field belonging to the Bai Hassan.
The Kirkuk police announced four deaths during the armed attack on a gas plant in the province, but stressed the situation under control.
He attacked this morning , four suicide bombers gas facility in Kirkuk and clashed with police guarding the facility.
Located CBS gas station AB 2 , located 15 kilometers northwest of Kirkuk.