Abadi responds to Adila and exclude doctors from the singles and doubles

The Ministry of Health has announced Haider al - Abadi Prime Minister in response to the appeal to the ministry about the exception of medical staffs of doubles and singles regime proclaimed by the General Traffic Department on Saturday.
The General Traffic Department also addressed journalists with the exception of the application of its decision.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Health Ahmed Rudaini in an interview, Minister of Health and Environment D.adelh Hammoud was a few hours demanded in a statement that the Ministry of Interior and the Department of Traffic and all relevant agencies with the exception of medical and health cadres of the General Traffic Department 's decision on the application of the doubles and singles system, which before It begins on Sunday , 31/07/2016
He stressed the need for the presence of medical and health staff in the health institutions to Iqdmoh of medical services and treatment to citizens, as well as emergency surgeries urgent.