Parliamentary Finance discussed with the banks and save the public money wastage managers

2016/7/30 14:02

[Where - Baghdad]

Parliamentary Finance Committee discussed on Saturday, with the new managers of the banks to maintain public money wastage.

A statement by the Citizen Media bloc, received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the head of the parliamentary finance committee Faleh force met with the directors of the new bank, after receiving their positions as managers two years, is in several Iraqi banks, in order to discuss the Banking Act, the sender of the General Secretariat of the Council minister. "

He said in effect, "These meetings aim to walk according to the project of reforms and Kzllk to regulate Iraqi banks and prevent manipulation."

"It was discussed the most important banking issues and address the problems that contribute to save the Iraqi liquidity from the money they waste a year maintains Aguetsadr country."