Jumbo back to Baghdad coming from China.

2016-07-30 at 10:37

Baghdad the balance of news

Algabo plane, Saturday, to embrace Iraq after testing them in China. As announced by Iraqi Airways.

The company said in a statement received Samer Kabbah/balance of news/copy algabo aircraft, B747-400, landed at dawn on YI-ASA, at Baghdad international airport coming from China, after heavy testing type (D) ", describing it as" one of the Iraqi Airways planes.

Kabbah said that "under the directives of the Minister of transport Abdul Hussein abtan Agency to maintain and do the tests on the company's fleet with the aim of modernizing it, configured especially for large aircraft to cover the Hajj and Umrah seasons seasons and religious visits has done this on one of our planes are large species which need seasons experiencing a significant movement."

He continued, "the screening process lasted for (66 days) and all aircraft systems checks included walkmark then a ground and aerial inspection examination and passed those tests.

Kabbah drew, that "the vetting process conducted in AMECO company (Emeco) Chinese in Beijing, which is considered one of the most important global maintenance centers and has a partnership with Lufthansa and authorized and recognized by aviation organizations (EASA-FAA-CCAA).

He stressed that "a group of Iraqi Airways Company specialists took part in escorting the plane from specialized departments such as art Department and quality assurance Department and Department of aviation operations