Sadr supporters prevented pretend for one month.

2016-07-30 at 13:22

Baghdad scales news

Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr, Saturday, preventing his supporters from demonstrating for a whole month, noting that there are no events to attend a Diwaniya.

Sadr said in a statement/balance of news copy, finish all belonging to me and mention them, "Sadr" and prevent them from demonstrating for a maximum of 30 days only.

He added, "I hope everyone understand it is not a concession and not a regression, and me not going to back down on the reform bill, even one iota," dyed "but managed to prove aggressors waghlam tongues are common among reformers some shenanigans, which led to the reform diminished somewhat".

He attributed the chest causes prevent "pretending to not be monopoly reform demonstration as well as Sadrists, as there are no attending demonstrations of the existence of" Sadr "as trumpet, perhaps not to attend for a month be a starting point for their presence."

He continued that "the current political and didn't work, as common tongues corrupt, so the hope of seeing himself reformer to simulate during the month.

Sadr said that "this ban and forbidding civil power and does not include other lovers of reform and righteousness and save Iraq, not necessarily on Friday by Liberation square and near the green."

To say that "demonstrated with not being the reform has triumphed and became comprehensive, not pretend it is a victory for you too, and rose up and rebel, everyone belongs to this country."

And lastly: "won't fix enemy watching us not victory