Ghalib Hassan Shahbandar: the Sadrists (Abu Clash finds and eats Abu boots)

Hardened Islamist leaders met to discuss the demonstrations and civil protests, those were demonstrations and protests horror source of fear for these leaders, on essentially the same, and what they call the (Islamic) project outwardly and falsely, and thehighlight was a cause for fear cheers with a cynical and offensive nature of the clergy, and the Shi'ite Islamist, in particular , the leaders of the parties ( the name of religion Paconh thieves) ... was a slogan scary for crumbs
E Islamists, and decided an urgent meeting of these leaders need to address these slogans, and it was the logic of force is proposed, but some of these leaders did not Artazava this style, and in the during thedialogue (which is default , of course, but holds something of Allowaqaah) said one of the geniuses of unforced meeting, the street the confidence of the Islamists has beenshaken, and that these demonstrations is proof of that, and thus will increase in this belief and reality at the same time not to be there rose a mass on these slogans, but any force or entity (Islamic) could move large sections of the people towards this objective and purpose? One of them said: Forget the Dawa party, because he hated, anddid not stir until his group, he was an advocate. ,

Said the House: People fed up of Ammar al - Hakim, his palaces and detain people in the sun , fearing for his life. He
said Khodair al: We do not think divinely, just because Ttokloa on God everything is in drawing your service's my call an experienced (my uncle what God is Muqtada) was that it was, came out crowds Sadrists they chanted ( the name of religion expelled thieves), and as the reference liberated gray, and so on , were mass demonstrations, and covered quite frankly on civilian demonstrations
Urgent meeting!

Yes, the new landscape, it is true restored the prestige of the Islamic street, but it was thanks to the Sadrist movement (Almkhrbt), this gain to him, must be blind or have tobe confiscated this victory (Almkhrbt) victory movement, what is the solution?

Crowd People (Bible)!
and so it was the popular crowd came down to the street to cheer as the velayat - e faqih, on behalf ofSheikh al - Khazali, spokesman Hadi al - Amiri, on behalf of Badr, on behalf of this and that ,and it was ideal a reality (sows Abu Clash and eats Abu boots) and left the leaders of political Islam uncomfortable, Sincerity,
Saudi Arabia watching all this closely

and referring not Bmahlha of context , but misplaced and I want to tell you a future disaster will be resolved in the Iraqi Shiites

no God
but filled Najaf graves in order to register to itself the priority of the largest cemetery in the world and rising illiteracy rate in central and southern Iraq
and turn over all the Shiite youth into a weapon and salary ...

Wai Wai weapon salary?
weapon that kills by each other, and the salary that kills the spirit of the profession and gain from in order to live in dignity

and Lehi generals Americans and non - Americans!