UN extends mandate of peacekeeping mission in southern Sudan

Security Council extended the peacekeeping mission in southern Sudan, while the United States alerted to receive "disturbing reports" about the renewal of violence in the south of that country.
It was scheduled that the mission 's mandate ends on Sunday , so it was unanimously renewed by the fifteen members of the Council for a brief period while studying the imposition of an arms embargo on South Sudan and to send more troops.
She said US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power to the Board before the vote that the recent violence in Juba "appalling but they were not unexpected , unfortunately , " because the country 's leaders are unable to work together for their own people.
Bauer said , "We have just received disturbing reports of acts of great violence in the tropical States (Southern states) in southern Sudan because events may quickly spiral out of control again.
"Let us not be deceived by that time is on our side ..anh not the case."
Sudan and slid into civil war after President Salva Kiir sacked his deputy Riek Machar , in 2013. The two men reached a peace agreement in August , but implementation has been slow.
Fierce fighting erupted using tanks and helicopters in Juba , capital of Southern Sudan for several days this month between forces loyal to Kiir , Machar and other support.
Killed at least 272 people before ordering the two leaders ceasefire.