Accountability and Justice parliamentary warns of return of the Baathists to the political process

For Justice and Accountability Commission representative warned on Saturday of a return to "Baathists" to the political process in the coming elections within " the next government program , " while vowed to "expose" No one is trying to make a deal that would return "Baathists" to rule.
Said committee member Yasser al - Husseini in a press statement, he said that " the next government program includes the return of some Baathist figures and Aldaashah to the political process to exercise their work as normal , " adding that "accountability and justice file underwent political bargains will be in the wind."
Husseini said that " the Commission will expose and uncover any point of trying to politicize the file and make a deal that would return the Baathists to power again."
The House of Representatives plans to vote in its seventh regular legislative term of the first to be held on Saturday, on a legal ban on the Baath Party and the fight against terrorism.