Moscow is discussing with Ankara D tubular gas within the "Turkish Torrent"

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak revealed that his country is currently discussing with Turkey D tubular gas within the project "Turkish stream" which aims to transport Russian gas to Turkey and southern Europe via the Black Sea seabed.
In an interview to the Russian minister with one of the local channels on Friday , July 29, Novak said: "Turkey is interested in that gas to reach them directly , without transit to other countries. In this context, there is a line , and at least one part of a project of the Turkish Torrent capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters of Turkish gas intended for the consumer. "
He continued: "In general , now talking about building two lines. The second line is intended for European consumers, caught up in the southwest of Europe, and this line is also possible that the trans - Black Sea seabed to Turkey and on to Europe. "
Moscow and Ankara agreed in 2014 to build a pipeline to transport Russian gas to Turkey via the Black Sea bottom and from there to southern Europe, named "Turkish Torrent." He stopped working on this project after the strained relations between Russia and Turkey at the end of last year.
But after the normalization of relations between Moscow and Ankara on the back of an apology , Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for shooting down the Turkish Air Force of the launcher "Su -24" Russian in an atmosphere of Syria on November 24 last and the killing of its leader, while carrying out his mission against terrorism, the two sides resumed discussions on b "Turkish Torrent."
And "Turkish stream" alternative to the gas project "South Stream", which was canceled because of the obstacles imposed by the European Commission on the grounds that the project does not conform with the provisions of the third energy package, which prohibits the monopoly of a single company for sales operations and Oosail transfer of energy resources in the same project