Save more than 3,400 immigrants off the coast of Libya

Italian Coast Guard announced that more than 3,400 migrants rescued on Friday July 29, off the Libyan coast.
He wrote the Italian Coastguard on his Twitter that the rescue operations involved 34 boats primitive, and that some 1,400 migrants rescued by the Italian navy ships, while others Vtm rescued by ships belonging to the humanitarian operation "Sofia" European Maritime.
At the time led the signing of an agreement between the EU and Turkey and the closure of "Balkan route", has resulted in an almost complete halt to the flow of immigrants to Greece, there is no influx of West Africa and the Horn of Africa than to Italy through Libya continues.
According to the last report of the High Commissioner for Immigrant Affairs, more than 89 thousand immigrants arrived in the Italian coast since the beginning of this year, compared to 93 thousand immigrants registered in the period between January and July of last year.
According to the International Organization for Migration, the sea travel to these methods has killed more than three thousand immigrants drowned, most of them in the middle of the Mediterranean region, since the beginning of this year.