Secrets of Lebanese newspapers Saturday 07/30/2016

Secrets of the most prominent Lebanese newspapers Saturday 30/07/2016

«Press» Deputy parenchymal on the media to write reports of «achievements» and «heroic» such as the date of the primaries in the «mainstream».
The media decided «troops» neutralize itself once and for all the differences within the home Orange, including the fight against «exaggerations» some supporters on the social networking sites.
Reported that the Saudi delegation which recently visited Israel , a Zionist official met turned out to be the owner of a book of the «Kingdom» responsibility for what he called «Islamic terrorism».

Activists in the "Future Movement" is that Prime Minister Hariri has committed itself to 40 percent of women and youth in the next administrative bodies without ensuring good quality of those.
Citizens victim of counterfeit bills in the interest of car registrations, and also found themselves a victim of the country you want to relive her money stolen at the expense of the people were prevented from completing their transactions before payment again or judicial review.
Politician said , recalling the memory of the war in July it was fabricated to eliminate the remainder of the Cedar Revolution and restore the reins to the team March 8.

He advised the head of the party, an ally of his re Search Tamodah, commensurate with the circumstances of the stage and put Lebanon ..
Ambassador of the State concerned was informed that his country would not accept the format under the table to re - displaced Syrians file ..
North of the source stops at the size of the opening is a civilian employee of the former, and whether it was coordinated with the reference that belongs to the employee ..

Media Monitoring stopped in front of the size of the surge that accompanies deserving internally to a party where he and Azat any electoral battle with the forces have a feud with him.
He asked the political parties: Do you encourage civil mobility demands relative Law alliance power -; Forces to take to the streets to demand a new electoral law?
Advised the Ambassador of historic ties to Lebanon in a state boards, politicians hasten to elect a president in order not to ruin the political transmitted infection to security.