dlove4all says(6:46 PM):
Ive only been in this BIG RV arena for 30 months now maybe 32

MrsBGG says to dlove4all(6:47 PM):
We are in News Time now, if you have a question or comment , please use your ? , and we wil call on you It is easier on the copiers and makes things go smoothly Thank you

BGG says(6:48 PM):
Ok - any questions before we kick off tonite?? Open things up with a little Q & A to get going??

magnetlady says(6:48 PM):
You are welcome Mrs. BGG

david334 says(6:48 PM):

MrsBGG says to david334(6:48 PM):

BGG says(6:49 PM):
150 people in here - surely someone has a question.

david334 says(6:49 PM):
Evening how is there any movement on the WTO admission

BGG says to david334(6:49 PM):
How so??

wmawhite says(6:49 PM):

BGG says to david334(6:50 PM):
Or are you asking "Is there...

JETSET says(6:50 PM):
maybe we should do questions after the "tell all" i bet there will be questions after that! (lol)

david334 says(6:50 PM):
Sorry asking if you guys have heard

MrsBGG says to wmawhite(6:50 PM):

wmawhite says(6:50 PM):
Yes to David..........the EU stated that they will assist Iraq with the remaining requirements for the WTO.

The requirements for the WTO are non stop.......never ending


david334 says(6:52 PM):
Okay thanks Mr White

flint says(6:52 PM):

BGG says to wmawhite(6:53 PM):
Nice!! - I found the timing of Straun Stevenson's blistering review of Maliki (the last few days) kind of interesting with the EU saying they would help Iraq back up...

wmawhite says to BGG(6:53 PM):
Yes......very interesting

BGG says to wmawhite(6:54 PM):
This feels a lot like an EU counter punch to the jibberish Maliki had put out via al-Baghdadia News accusing Jubouri of being "in league" with al-Hashemi and ISIS... that whole thing stank like fish.

MrsBGG says to flint(6:55 PM):

flint says(6:55 PM):
People I know are saying there must be 30 trillion dinar and that will affect the RV. What do think of that?

wmawhite says(6:55 PM):

MrsBGG says to wmawhite(6:55 PM):

BGG says to flint(6:56 PM):
I think very little of that - direct sources have relayed such numbers are not accurate - therefore of little consequence.

flint says(6:56 PM):
ok thanks

BGG says to flint(6:56 PM):
short story - the CBI knows - and remains unconcerned about that aspect (mostly)...

flint says(6:57 PM):
thanks BGG

david334 says(6:57 PM):

wmawhite says(6:58 PM):
If you have 5 $1 notes that is $5 USD total and 5 notes.....................but if you have one $5 note....that is $5 but one note.

In short....it is the note count that is important.

scottiegirl says(6:58 PM):

MrsBGG says to david334(6:58 PM):

MrsBGG says to scottiegirl(6:59 PM):

BGG says to wmawhite(6:59 PM):

scottiegirl says(6:59 PM):
Is it still possible that Alak may be removed?

BGG says to scottiegirl(6:59 PM):
Not only possible... likely... look at this...


Iraq: negotiations complete reshuffle kicks off today

david334 says(7:00 PM):
I pass I am not typing well thx

MrsBGG says to david334(7:00 PM):
No problemo! you are welcome!

BGG says to scottiegirl(7:00 PM):
Embarked on Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, first steps toward a cabinet reshuffle again, after it was approved, the first on Tuesday, on the resignation of six ministers from his cabinet , most of them belonging to the National Alliance

The Iraqi sources had confirmed for “new Arab”, the Abadi plans to reshuffle includes a number of ministers in his government and heads of independent institutions, such as the Central Bank and the Council of the Judiciary and the Electoral Commission.

BGG says(7:02 PM):
Pay attention - who are they talking about??

scottiegirl says(7:02 PM):
Saw that article alluding to his possible dismissal. Seems Abadi has met some resistance still. STILL.....ugh!

scottiegirl says(7:02 PM):
But good news!

BGG says(7:02 PM):
(I left this article on THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ for today - still pretty important - maybe...)

scottiegirl says(7:02 PM):
No doubt he will win.

Thank you!

BGG says to scottiegirl(7:04 PM):
that may be true - but they are nearing the end. RCookie was pointing out eariler that they were very near a conclusion to the negotiations on the cabinet reform... on THE OBSERVER TODAY.

satrib says(7:04 PM):

BGG says to scottiegirl(7:04 PM):
rcookie (Dinar Guru) - Article: “Salem: Abadi and blocs failed to reach a final conclusion on the bench names of ministers“ THERE WERE REPORTS THIS WAS GOING TO BE FINALIZED IN TOMORROWS SESSION...


scottiegirl says(7:05 PM):
Yes! Thank you so much for clarifying that!

BGG says to scottiegirl(7:05 PM):
they were reporting it might have been done tomorrow - still might. If this previous article means anything - ALAK is likely in the "mix"...

MrsBGG says to satrib(7:05 PM):

satrib says(7:05 PM):
Care to venture a guess as to replacement?

BGG says to scottiegirl(7:07 PM):
according to Abadi - he's been eyeing Alak for a while... and - to hear Maliki talk, he acts like he knows it is going to happen and he's "chiming in" to get rid of the crooks in the CBI (which he put there in the first place...)

BGG says to satrib(7:07 PM):
NOT SHABIBI... 99.5% sure.

satrib says(7:07 PM):
lol I knew that

BGG says to satrib(7:07 PM):
three reasons...

wmawhite says(7:07 PM):
99.9999999999999% sure

scottiegirl says(7:07 PM):
Thank you again BGG!

BGG says to satrib(7:08 PM):
1) Maliki isn't in exile...

2) Maliki isn't in jail (yet)...

3) Maliki isn't dead yet...

BGG says to wmawhite(7:08 PM):
you are a TINY BIT more sure than I am

mainegirl says(7:08 PM):

coco1 says(7:08 PM):

satrib says(7:08 PM):
what do yu think about Saleh?

MrsBGG says to coco1(7:09 PM):

wmawhite says(7:09 PM):
4) Shabibi is still working out with me in Florida

coco1 says(7:09 PM):
same question about Saleh.

BGG says to coco1(7:10 PM):
kind of a head scratcher there - he's with the "in crowd" for sure...

he's got direct ties to Shabibi and the IMF

BGG says to coco1(7:10 PM):
I used to not care much for him - he always seemed to contradict Shabibi - however,

satrib says(7:11 PM):
he's been awfully vocal

BGG says to coco1(7:11 PM):
lately - I have to say..

not impossible.

coco1 says(7:11 PM):
But Maliki jailed Saleh at one time too, right?

BGG says to coco1(7:11 PM):

bibi says(7:12 PM):

BGG says to coco1(7:12 PM):
Seems to have done his overall attitude some good.

MrsBGG says to bibi(7:12 PM):

bibi says(7:12 PM):
We heard from the IMF that Iraq was going to enter the world market the first half of 2016. Mr. White and Rcookie have commented that that has indeed happened. Can you give a brief summary of the evidence of that.

puffdragon says(7:13 PM):

wmawhite says(7:13 PM):

wmawhite says(7:13 PM):

bibi says to wmawhite(7:13 PM):
Maybe I'm misquoting you. Sorry.

MrsBGG says to puffdragon(7:14 PM):

bibi says to wmawhite(7:14 PM):
I've listened to all the call.

puffdragon says(7:14 PM):
Deposit insurence law printed in gezzett, what possitive should we see from that ?

bibi says to wmawhite(7:14 PM):
I mean, it's not that "nothing happened".

BGG says to bibi(7:14 PM):
"Start the process"... and all you have to do is peruse the articles in THE FORUM... regularly... it's all there...


BGG says to wmawhite(7:14 PM):

bibi says to wmawhite(7:14 PM):
ah, okay. "start the process" is clearn.

BGG says to bibi(7:15 PM):
the velocity at which they are moving is INCREDIBLE. Miss a day - miss alot.

wmawhite says(7:15 PM):

Would the IMF be evidence enough????
The IMF stated the "now" member of the G7 are able to approach Iraq for the purpose of making financial arrangements.......

bibi says to wmawhite(7:15 PM):
yep. I agree with that.

wmawhite says(7:15 PM):

david334 says to MrsBGG(7:15 PM):

wmawhite says(7:16 PM):
Previously,.......they were not able to do that.

BGG says to bibi(7:16 PM):
I understand people have lives... but - it's only one of the biggest windfall investments (in history)... there are few that compare.

MrsBGG says to david334(7:16 PM):

bibi says to wmawhite(7:16 PM):
thank you. There's so MUCH news sometimes it's difficult to recall the biggest events

BGG says to bibi(7:17 PM):
this recent IMF - WB oversight really feels like what kickstarted everything in motion... AND

david334 says to MrsBGG(7:17 PM):
Are there such a thing as historical bonds

BGG says to bibi(7:18 PM):
IMHO - since the EU is on board (which will be MAGNIFICENT for them) - they appear to be dealing with some of the "hard rightie Shiities" who continually try starting race divisions...

david334 says(7:18 PM):
That are somehow connected to the change is value of the dinar?

bibi says to BGG(7:18 PM):
thank you for that.

BGG says to david334(7:18 PM):
I am not certain on that subject.

david334 says(7:19 PM):
Its from the nuts comspiracy group

BGG says(7:19 PM):
Well there you have it.

david334 says(7:19 PM):
yep answered my own ?

BGG says to david334(7:20 PM):
You did... guess what I'm talking about tonite??

BGG says to david334(7:20 PM):

david334 says(7:20 PM):

BGG says(7:21 PM):
OK - GREAT Q & A session gang... really good stuff.

MX says(7:21 PM):

clay01 says(7:21 PM):

BGG says(7:21 PM):
Not where I was planning on going - but WOW - Cool.

BGG says(7:22 PM):
Be sure to put THE BLOG http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/

david334 says(7:22 PM):
Thats what happens when yoi call a referendum

BGG says(7:22 PM):
and THE OBSERVER http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/

We're gonna' take a 10 min break and light the call up on the other side... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

MrsBGG says(7:25 PM):
Thank you 'all for joining us!! Love & Blessings!

clay01 says(7:25 PM):

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(7:25 PM):
Thank you mags and copiers for copying!! And editing!!

MrsBGG says(7:25 PM):

Dinar Updates “After Call - LIVE”!!
“Immediately following News Time!!”
7/29 "Tell all After Call" -
w/BGG 641-715-3640 pin #528733

Nash says(7:26 PM):

clay01 says(7:26 PM):
got it thanks

bibi says(7:26 PM):
Thank you very much, Mr. BGG and Mrs. BGG!

bibi says(7:27 PM):
Thank you, Mags!

david334 says(7:28 PM):
Love the BGG group