Kirkuk oil exports stalled a decision of the Baghdad provincial government provided us with a share of petrodollars

2016/7/29 23:15

[Oan- Baghdad]

The President of the provincial council in Kirkuk by proxy, Rebwar Talabani, that "the Kurdistan Regional Government has sent the province's share of petrodollars on four stages, each stage of $ 10 million."

He said Talabani, a press statement, that "the Kurdistan Regional Government has supplied Kirkuk amount of forty million dollars accrued preservation of petrodollars has completed a number of projects this amount," adding that "the export of oil of Kirkuk stalled since February of this year, a decision of the Iraqi government ".

He stressed that "the federal government in Baghdad had been cut off benefits Kirkuk of petrodollars, as was stopped exporting oil from the city's fields may impact on the reality of the projects," he said, adding, "The Iraqi government has completely stopped balancing Kirkuk Exchange does not respond to conservative, but dues salaried employees only. "

The President of the Council Krkerk, "The projects that rely on the support of the federal government is currently suspended, but backed by the Kurdistan Regional Government projects still work continued in it."