The rail check substantial revenues from invest some territory

2016-07-29 12:24 p.m.

Baghdad scales news

Property and real estate Department has achieved in the railway company, June and July monthly income from the rental of real estate company and get some tenant debt amount (737,585,000) million dinars.

Said General Manager of the railway company, in a statement received reparation peace/balance of news/copy, the company undertook to view lands for investment and operation in order to exploit it for commercial and industrial uses within the controls ", noting" rental real estates in Baghdad and the provinces to maximize financial resources, "said Jabr, property Department set up tables and surveys for all properties in Baghdad and provinces within the taboos that can be exploited and railway leased to raise revenue."

Transport Minister Abdul Hussein abtan Agency was ever in need to maximize company resources to increase their resources and develop services for the promotion of railway in Iraq