Abtan: Basra conference aims to reduce the time on the port of Faw and there (4) Options to run

The Ministry of Transport confirmed on Wednesday that the investment conference held in Basra province aims «to reduce the time to implement the project port of Faw and listen to the opinions of the companies invested», and while suggesting the formation of cell needed to invest in this project, drawn to the existence of four options on the table for the operation of the port of Faw, the Minister of transport agency Abdul Hussein Abtan during a press conference held on the sidelines of an investment conference to discuss the draft port of Faw in Basra Sheraton Hotel Faraaheedi Hall, said that «the investment conference, which was attended by more than 13 large foreign companies as well as the ministries of interior, defense and oil, trade and local traders in question is designed to reduction of time to implement the project and listen to the views of the investing companies to know their requirements and to talk about employment and investment in the port and bypass the routine work. »