Salim al .. document seeks to make politicians appoint relatives of the clan Jabbour exclusively

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The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, just two days ago, is set Khudair Ahmad Hussein, as an investment adviser in his office, in a move to win the support of "clan". And it revealed a document issued by the Administrative Service of the Council of Representatives requires the approval of the appointment of al-Jubouri Khudair Ahmad Hussein, as an adviser in Alastmar Jubouri Office, as of July 25, 2016. The source confirmed that the step-Jubouri appointed chancellor came to earn his political exclusively Jabour, where Hussein is Jabouri, too, did not mention his title in the appointment book, a cousin of MP Qutaiba al-Jubouri. He said Saleem al-Jubouri, had previously appointed most of the politicians' relatives to gain their support, including Mishan al-Jubouri, who appointed him the gift of Jassim al-Jubouri, an agent for the Ministry of Displacement and Migration. He said the appointment of politicians' relatives senior positions, comes a benefit to those who request it, where the people who asked properly appointed, management contracts and transactions for high commissions and the financial allocations and share it with politicians who came to them.