Education: Work card after ironing Card cover all districts

2016/7/28 18:30


The Ministry of Education confirmed the work card is the key card] after covering all districts, according to allocated ports.

It denied a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education Hadeel al-Amiri told all of Iraq [where] on Thursday, news of suspension of the operation card ironing Card in teaching cadres for failing the distribution of salaries, "Mukdh that" ongoing ministry in the extracted ironing Card only. "

Ameri and showed he was "now up to end the work in ironing Card in the districts and schools is not complete."

The Ministry of Education attributed the delay in the distribution of card Alki Card] to the density of the number of teaching staff.

The ministry spokeswoman Hadeel al-Amiri earlier told all of Iraq [where] that "there is a direct directive by the Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal need to be salaries paid to teachers, teachers and all staff especially of the Ministry of Education through the Alki Card] and actually has been activated this Thread since the previous three months or more, have been working on it by the ministry and school districts. "

She said Amiri "has been the inclusion of staff card Alki card and obtaining approvals by the Organization of teams go to the districts and from which to obtain approvals and fingerprints of their own," noting that "the work teams are working in coordination with the official body within each Directorate exclusively, then there are central to the work of teams of other schools districts. "