Abtan: Kut airport opening later this year

2016/7/28 10:39

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Transport Minister Hussein abtan, agency opening Kut airport in Wasit governorate would be at the end of the year.

The Agency said abtan {Euphrates news} that "Kut airport opening on 25 December.

"The airport was built on a military base, the Prime Minister welcomed the idea of creating and issued a directive to the Ministry of Interior to complete border ports, Ministry of transport also sent a book to customize the Interior strength to protect the airports."

Abtan said, "the Iraqi civil aviation delegation will attend next Saturday to Imam Ali base in Nasiriyah, for meetings with air force base to regulate matters between Iraq and civil aviation to be within international standards."

The commencement of the process of completing the tower and communication devices and shoulders runways ", praising" the cooperation of local governments as well as the efforts of the Department of Defense Minister and convert them to civilian airports to serve citizens. "

Transport Minister Abdul Hussein abtan, visited the Agency last Monday, Wasit governorate and the Wasit announced that will see the opening of the first civilian airport, pointing to tentative agreement about to expire with the Defense Department to convert the base to civilian airport Alissa.

It is said that Wasit Governor owner behind the Valley announced earlier, the Ministry of defence informed consent to convert the Kut airport to civilian-military airport for cargo and goods which attracts capital and international companies to invest in the province and ended.

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