DHI: attempts to form a Committee to manage Government Marsh file allocation of funds has

2016-07-28 at 14:09

Special balance news

The local Government has called in Dhi Qar, Thursday, Central Government funds, including effects file marshes in balancing the vital project implementation and 2017 strategy, emphasizing the lack of signs of conflict between neighboring counties about the marsh area.

Services Committee Chairman said in Raheem alkhaqani, l/balance of news/post, vote on annexation of marshes and effects to the World Heritage list, local government in Thi on the implementation of the plan of action of management prepared as an attachment with the file ", stating that" the management plan represents the most difficult stage in file manager.

Added alkhakani, to "keep working on ongoing meetings with Federal Government and today there is a meeting with the Presidents of the Republic and the Prime Minister, to discuss the file", pointing to "discuss with the concerned authorities to form a Special Committee to manage file and execute certain paragraphs required by UNESCO.

He stressed that "the Central Government allocate funds within the budget for vital programmes and 2017 strategy, to be a marsh at best," saying that "combine seven world heritage sites accomplish big".

He continued, "there are no conflicts, no signs of differences between neighbouring provinces on the Marsh, and file each province learn marsh area ratio", "most dyed within Dhi", noting that "there will be joint meetings with Nissan and Basra provinces in this regard."

And the sound on 27 July 2016 to combine 7 historical sites including the Marsh on the World Heritage list by 21 Conference held in Turkish capital Ankara.