Central Bank: The coming days will witness the stability of the currency market
Sunday, April 15 / April 2012 11:43

BAGHDAD / With: Deputy Governor of the Bank predicted the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Sunday, low price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the coming days.
Saleh said the reporter and the news agency the future on Sunday, that: "The high price of the dollar against the dinar controlled and will see the coming days, a significant decline," attributing the "reasons for the high price of the dollar against the dinar to the circumstances of non-natural plaguing the neighboring countries, which had a negative impact in the currency market the country, "Makdan:" the great size of the budget had a significant impact on the Iraqi market, which led to increased demand for foreign currency, as well as increased smuggling currency out of the country. "
The Committee on the economy and investment representative announced earlier held an extended conference to address the high exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, indicating that the conference will address the possibility of reforming the banking system in the country.