Direct delivery of critical power line and municipal services in Nasiriyah airport

2016/7/28 15:10

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Deputy Governor Dhi Adel aldkhili, Thursday, direct delivery of municipal services from water and electricity to the Nasiriyah airport.

Aldkhili said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "formed committees to follow the basic services needed by the airport and provided with the electric line and set up a complete study about development plans that seek to accomplish maintenance in the next few days."

He noted that "the Committee works in coordination with the local government in Dhi and the Ministry of transport with the aim to speed up the process and not allow routine in some circles, delaying the arrival of those services to the airport.

He aldkhili to the agreement with the Ministry of the Interior and police maintain a special Passport Office at the airport and examine how to secure the necessary protection and add new security elements and mobile patrols to protect it. "

"All Government forces on alert in the province for the delivery of nasiryah airport services as soon as possible to accelerate its opening date and flights over their territory."

Transport Minister Abdul Hussein abtan agency announced Sunday that the Ministry has begun procedures to complete international airports in Nasiriyah and Kut Dhi Council revealed on the first flight from the international airport of Nasiriyah next September.