Nelly: Iraq will receive a grant supporting States to Iraq starting next week.

2016-07-28 12:40

Special balance news

Economy and Investment Committee Member said a Parliamentary Deputy Ahmed Al-kinany, Thursday, to grant States supporting Iraq intended to provide 20 000 jobs and infrastructure development, as pointed out a Commission to follow that money.

Kanani said, to balance the news/"Committee was formed by the Prime Minister's Office to pursue the funds obtained during the Iraq Donors Conference, to be cashed and distributed proportionally and transparent by concerned authorities."

He added that "those funds were allocated to provide 20 000 jobs and development of infrastructure and communities, as well as the development of the education and health sectors", stating that "grant 2 billion and 200 will be disbursed in the form of stages, and will be received starting from next week."

Kanani said that "this money is awarded and donated to Iraq and not", noting that "sustained international fund to grant loans to Iraq in the form of payments".