Toot: next Saturday expiration of Karrada bombing investigation and the presentation of the report to Parliament.

2016-07-28 at 13:15

Special the balance of news

The head of the Commission investigating the incident Karada Alexander tut, Thursday, the expiration date of the Karrada bombing investigation and submitted to the Chamber of Deputies Saturday.

Tut said to balance news, that "the Commission stands ready to complete investigations, although he hasn't get some characters that are called for the purpose of investigation", noting that "the Interior Minister was summoned and members of the people's control, did not attend the inquest.

"TUT, that Saturday date in Karrada incident investigation and submitted to the Chamber of Deputies.

The wonder of Karada bomb inside killed more than 450 Palestinians between a martyr.

And shape of the House investigative Committee on Karrada, enabling a number of subsequently hosted security leaders to investigate the subject.