Why the "real" to the refusal of some parties to participate crowd editing Mosul

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MP for the province of Nineveh, Abdul Rahman Alloizi, why the "real" to the refusal of some parties to participate in the liberation of the popular crowd Mosul city from the control of the organization "Daash," accusing the Kurdistan region of trying to achieve the "greed" in the city. He Alloizi in an interview for a television program seen by "free event", that "there is a default in the order of the political and humanitarian situation before proceeding with the liberalization of Mosul, where it is expected exodus of a million people from the city," and expressed concern about the "humanitarian situation and political complexity, which began overlooks headed by convulsive some parties battle positions. " He added that "the Kurdistan region is trying to invest these distinguishing historic moment to achieve further gains on the ground and there is a whole Arab villages where war crimes were committed, according to international organizations," while stressing that "the historical identity of Arab connector" as he emphasized that the national crowd supervised by former Nineveh governor Liberation of Iraq "did not free one inch" of the territory of the province. He continued that "there are those who fear a repeat theme of Tuz and the occurrence of an armed clash on the back of Kurdistan's desire to impose facts on the ground by force, and that this clash may prevent achieving the ambitions of the region," adding that "this is the real reason of objection to the participation of the crowd." He added that "the Liberation of Iraq is counting on the presence of Turkish troops and Tvihamath with Kurdistan in order to return to the fore and be marketed as editor of the province, while everyone knows that the national crowd did not free up to now an inch of Nineveh." The federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat, confirmed on Tuesday that Iraqi forces are determined to go in the coming days to the city of Mosul, to release it from the control of the organization "Daash," adding that these forces "will not be deterred accusations", as called for officers and soldiers to prepare full to achieve "victory" in the city.