Today .. Merkel plans to disclose its policy towards refugees

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It caused a series of attacks in Germany that began July 18, 15 people were killed and dozens injured, and at the same time raised concerns about the open-door policy pursued by the chancellor, Angela Merkel, in receiving refugees. And the concern of citizens and politicians drag on Merkel criticized many accusations, which make them go, on Thursday, her holiday to respond to all those who say that open-door policy pursued towards refugees allowed terrorism to take hold in Germany. Merkel is scheduled to return to Berlin to hold a press conference today to respond to the accusations. He says politicians from left and right that wrong, Merkel's policy on refugees, after the entry of more than one million immigrants to Germany last year. The Horst Seehofer, premier of the state of Bavaria, said Tuesday that all expectations were correct, adding that "terrorism came to Germany." He called Seehofer of Merkel's government to take tougher security measures and tighten policies on migration. Merkel was on holiday in northern Germany, since he chaired a security meeting Saturday, and was assigned to the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere task of the government's response to the terrorist attacks.