Integrity: the release of four prison terms against one member of the Intelligence

It revealed the Integrity Commission, on Thursday, for the issuance of the competent criminal court issues Integrity four to prison terms of different lengths.
The authority said in a statement, said that the first sentences was truly one of the employees of the National Intelligence Service eliminates imprisonment for ten years; for daring to exploit public job and compromise a foreign entrants to the amount of money in return for granting foreign entrant visa for Iraq to enter through the Basra International Airport.
She added that the same court ruled that the detention of Chairman of the Board Ahli Bank management solitary heavily for two years; "for violating the sign - up instructions of the Central Bank to sell the currency auction , " indicating that " the convicted earlier to participate in the Central Bank to sell the currency auction, buy foreign currency (dollar) ; for the purpose of import of goods and received payments without the introduction of goods or merchandise in exchange for currency purchased from the central bank. "
She Commission, that " the court of competent integrity issues passed two separate felonies against two affiliates of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works; Aguetrafhma for the crime of forgery official documents."
She explained that " the first case summarized aggressively convicted on forgery book ownership of property and the book 's support to continue the service and the identity of civil status, while the second details of the case indicate that the feet of the second convicted on forgery book ownership of property and registration of property in his name, taking advantage of the functionality described; being a certified municipality of Diwaniyah write."