Muslims praying for the victims of the Munich attack

At the invitation of the Islamic Council in Munich, gave hundreds find relief and condolences to the families of the victims at the trade center Olympia in southern Germany city, where a young man was killed nine people -spah them Moslemon- and so motivated hatred , according to media and security sources.

And rallied Muslims to pray and pray on Wednesday (July 27, 2016) at the Olympia Shopping Center in the city of Munich in southern Germany, where he killed a young nine people last Friday (July 22, 2016), seven of whom are Muslims from immigrant backgrounds, and then killed himself.

And he gave hundreds of attendees find relief and condolences to the victims ' families, near the scene of the crime, at the invitation of the Islamic Council in the city. And threw Mayor Dieter Reiter Munich speech in which he expressed "enormity of this crime which mostly immigrant origin people were killed , " adding that " an attack on the diversity of our city Munich tolerant and pluralistic."

He spoke uncle of one of the victims in the sad anniversary, wondering why he did not stop the police to the offender faster even if the culprit, saying , however, that police officers "Heroes."

Given the background of the process of indiscriminate mass murder , which turned out to be racially background, according to reports carried by media outlets from security sources, it is necessary to "fight for a better society , " according to Sokol for Amag Chairman of the Islamic Council demanded in the city of