Abadi Office: the subject of income tax on some categories is still under discussion

2016-07-27 20:55:26 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Information Office of the Prime Minister, announced Wednesday, that the issue of income tax on the salaries of some categories is still under discussion No decision had been implemented, considering the tax deduction of the nominal salary only " a clear violation" of the law.

A spokesman for the office , Saad al - Hadithi in a televised speech that " the income tax on the salaries of the subject categories covered are still under discussion No decision had been implemented."

The newborn, that " the current law requires the tax on the nominal salary and allowances together while the current actual application is deducting the tax on nominal salary only and that 's where a clear violation of the law and bring justice for the owners of salary minimum, and therefore should be reviewed to achieve justice and fairness in the application of the law without affect low - income people or arrange additional consequences for them. "

On the other hand, stressed the newborn, that " the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi keen to fill in the blanks in the number of ministries as a result of the resignation of its ministers and acceptance of the resignation as soon as possible , especially since these ministries are key ministries and in direct contact with the lives of citizens and must be managed ministers own name engaged in their work where all the powers that the law Julhm them to improve the quality of government performance and provide better service to the citizen and the application of the government 's reform program. "

He continued newborn, that " the Prime Minister is now working on completing this file through solicit the views of the political forces to formulate an agreed mechanism regarding the nomination criteria and access to provide the names of are able to take responsibility and - sustaining in the best way, and to ensure parliamentary support necessary."

He was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Jabbar al - Abadi revealed on Tuesday (June 14, 2016), that the higher grades staff and the first and second division are covered by the income tax amounting to 15%, which will be deducted from their salaries, likely deduct that percentage of the total salary and not the nominal.