Iraq index rises after two sessions of declines

Views 18 Date 27/07/2016 - 22:45
Economy News / Baghdad ...

The general index of the Iraqi market for securities rose by the end of the trading session on Wednesday, after two sessions of declines.

General Index increased by 0.94% close at 560.35 points, 5.24 points winner from levels a hearing on Tuesday.

And push banking stocks index performance today to rise, with six of them climbed the top of the "Iraqi credit" the higher today by 9.09%, and rose "Dar es Salaam" shares 7.14%.

On the other hand, thinks the decline on the shares of hotel and tourism sector, to go down four of them in the forefront of "Mosul Dam" the biggest loser today by 8.26%, also fell "Ashur Hotel" 8.18%.

And foreign investors have tended toward the day of purchase, with net buying amounted to 4.77 billion dinars.

The increased volume of trading today to 12.67 billion shares, compared with 873.71 million shares yesterday, the value of trades rose to 5.54 billion dinars, compared to 825.96 million dinars a session on Tuesday.

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