Parliamentary economy calls for the establishment of an executive board to speed up the completion of the port of Faw

Views 53 Date 27/07/2016 - 22:43

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The head of the economic and investment commission in Parliament to establish an executive council headed by the Minister of Planning and membership of the Minister of Transport and the governor of Basra and a number of representatives of the ministries, to follow up the implementation of the project port of Faw.

Bolani and during a speech at a workshop for companies wishing to invest in the project port of Faw and hosted by the Ministry of Transport in the province of Basra, confirmed that the Executive Board if it has been established will work to solve all administrative disputes, and accelerate the application of the ministerial orders and facilitate the work of investment companies without going through the procedures and routine administrative in a roundabout relevant state.

He said Chairman of the economy and investment representative, that Iraq is in dire need of such a project, to provide non-oil fiscal revenues, and give Iraq a chance to leave the oil as the sole source of Iraq's budget for the financial, valuing the business volume made Bania port so far, calling to speed up referral of the project to the investment companies to see The project light as soon as possible.

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