Orientations to make FAO a global trading center 7-27
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Thread: Orientations to make FAO a global trading center 7-27

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    Orientations to make FAO a global trading center 7-27

    Orientations to make FAO a global trading center

    07/26/2016 20:12

    - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb - Farah pumice to
    coincide with the direction the government to put the implementation of the port of Faw on investment and orientations of the establishment of the Economic City International in this place is important globally, experts believe that the al -Faw peninsula to develop in this way achieves significant economic feasibility of Iraq and international companies specialized, and be of the world 's largest economic centers because it will become a commercial hub industrially important in the nearest point between the poles of the world.

    shortest way economic member of the Baghdad forum Hadi Hndas said that Iraq has a gate opening to both sides of the Arab world and the east and has the shortest ways to connect them , and this in itself is a strength of the economy of Iraq , pointing out that international companies aware of this fact and considering the continuous reality of work in Iraq and how to have a foothold investment introduced in this country which is one of the most important countries in the world economically.

    He said in an interview with «morning» that the port of Faw is an important and vital destination starting point All economies in the world, providing most of the attractions in this place, especially the ease of transport towards the various countries of the world means of transport do not require high costs to near distances Faw peninsula methods of linkage between the poles of the world and mediate.

    Hndas said that the escalation of the vote prompted the establishment of the port of Faw and authority « city ​​»FAO economic requires work on the dry canal , which represents the center of success in linking polar world and the shortest way to it, referring to the need to establish new highways or the expansion of existing roads toward the ports of the Mediterranean Sea and extending the railway the same direction to achieve new economic benefits for Iraq through opportunities work that is available along the dry canal that require different services. multiplicity of revenue either competent in economic affairs Ahmed costly both projects has been described Palmeman and necessary for the country and they Sinqlan Iraq to the ranks of developed countries because they Atne_men with the global economy, pointing to the need to speed up the transfer of the charts for two to the reality of an actual achieves the highest degree of economic viability of Iraq and transfer it to a multi - stage in revenue. he pointed out that these projects provide new positive points for global companies is not available in ports and areas of regional and this represents a magnet for global effort specialist.

    CAREERS said competent in economic affairs Tawfiq Ali «morning» : the construction of the port of Faw will confirm that Iraq is a pivotal state in the region, for its usefulness as a connection point between the countries of the world, pointing out that the port will also contribute to run the labor and increase trade by transporting goods, as well as obtained finance charges from the wages of jetties and stores .

    the technical agent for the Ministry of transport Abbas Omran confirmed »Sabah», said the ministry will hold a workshop on Wednesday in the province of Basra, for Drasharod companies accurately and for a period open to the importance of strategic and international project, stressing that the port of Faw will be expressed and conduit whatever ground and Skkia and sea for many countries regional access to Europe.

    preparations initial added Imran that the workshop are important, especially as they add representatives from 29 global investment company, these companies have a long tradition in the maritime work, so I 'll go out with visions of paving to begin implementation after the referral of the project to a company, especially as preparations initial (Breakwater and others) has completed almost entirely.

    It contains the project, according to the design basis, the container terminal 39000 meters long, and a berth last a length of 2,000 meters, as well as an arena for containers with an area of more than one million m 2, and other Square multi - purpose area of 600 thousand m 2, because of the capacity of the port of 99 million tonnes per annum, while the total cost for the establishment of four billion and 400 million euros, and it is hoped that the connection port railway line linking the Persian Gulf through Iraqi ports in northern Europe through Turkey.


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    Re: Orientations to make FAO a global trading center 7-27

    Worlds largest economic center!!! I like that awesome news no made up bs real time

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