Saladin Council demanding release balancing 2016 confirms 2 billion dinars Exchange out of 124 billion dinars

27/07/2016 04:34

Student Council of Salahuddin province, on Wednesday, the Central Government launched conservative budget this year 2016, to move the wheel construction and assist displaced persons, with 2 billion dinars Exchange confirmed only 124 billion dinars allocated for the province, expressed surprise "abuse" compared to other provinces.

Deputy Speaker of the province of Salahuddin Ahmed Nazim Al-Azzawi in a speech with "Media Department Salahuddin touch abuse from Central Government this is surprising", stating that "most of the cities of Saladin freed and returned her emigrant but Baghdad still firing position the rest of the funds allocated to the province for the year 2016.

Azzawi added that "Baghdad Government deliberately restricting all the powers of the provincial Council and Executive like punishing us", noting that "balancing the year 2016, which only has spent two billion dinars out of 124 billion in funds for maintaining the current year budget.