Legal representative: important laws disabled when the presidency of parliament because of a dispute it [audio]

2016/7/27 14:35

[Oan- Baghdad]

Parliamentary Legal Committee Ezzat, the reason for delay in adoption of important bills, to the lack of consensus between the parliamentary blocs.

He said the Commission's decision Hassan Turan told all of Iraq [where] that "the absence of important laws do not respect the legal committee, which acquitted her disposal in all the existing laws and pushed out to the Presidency of the Council of sensitive and private as a law of amnesty, the Federal Supreme stalled in the presidency of the Council due to incompatibility the political blocs. "

Turan "We hope that the masses resolve their differences on these laws for a vote in the current legislative term."

The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, in the face of the parliament session yesterday determining the inclusion of the amnesty laws, laws and other dates on the agenda of future meetings agenda ", stressing that" all laws which are read first reading projects will have the opportunity amendment in the subsequent stages of the vote. "

The decision of the House of Representatives, said Imad Youkhana in 28 of the last June that "the general amnesty law was completed procedures were put in the next parliamentary sessions," noting that "the parliament will continue the second reading of the law of accountability and justice and the law banning the Baath Party."