Governor of Basra: the large port of Faw gives 10 times what you give him the rest of Iraqi ports

2016/7/27 11:22

{Basra: Euphrates news} Basra Governor Majid Nasraoui that big port of Faw will give 10 times what you give it to Iraqi ports, revealing "project for the opening of the third port to port with Saudi Arabia."

Nasraoui said in a speech at the specialized workshop held by global companies invest large port of Faw in Basra, your correspondent {Euphrates news} today, Basra is the only water port where the five ports in the presence of everyone will be larger footprint in the large port of Faw, "stating that" preservation owns two important border posts with neighboring Iran and Kuwait and our third port opening project with Saudi Arabia. "

"Basra has populated after Baghdad and six consulates are not found in all provinces except Kurdistan which make her babysitter for investors in addition to having more than 100 thousand foreigners working in the oil sector, ports and is proof of an attractive environment for investors to note that none of the alien to any incident and find them coexist peacefully with children.

The "port of FAO will give 10 times what you give him the rest of our ports, well it will arrive between Gulf States and considered Tarifi tool to assimilate all Iraqi and Visual, as we continue through this project all infrastructure and railway to create a port to be positive returns to Iraq."

He noted that "the goal of this Conference is to invest in the province and giving a clear message to the Ministry and local government investment Commission stand together and point him to hear of companies, there are also constraints when companies need to hear it directly in the presence of regulatory authorities; for the desired security problems and constraints of companies for visibility.

"We want to get mutual benefit between Central and local Governments invested a second workshop will be held for negotiating access to integrated ground and the benefit of all".